Tales From the Himalayas

My first book, a collection of short stories for children, is my tribute to the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, to which I owe my ethnicity (and sturdy ankles).

Stories told by grandmother are re-imagined and adapted for children today, with its rustic, mountain flavor. The theme of the book not only aims to be relatable and relevant to the young reader, but also encourages an appreciation for diversity by throwing light on a culture that’s far removed from his/her own. 

Just like the people of Uttarakhand, their stories are simple and heartfelt. 

You’ll find tales of snow leopards and mountain ghouls, bagpiping girls and itchy herbs, and stories even as old as 500 years! See the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, resplendent in its colorful customs and traditional costumes, taste the sweet-sour wild berries, feel the chilly autumn wind on your skin and smell the musky pine forests, in seventeen stories.

Welcome to the mountains. 

Book cover for the illustrated children’s book, ‘Tales from the Himalayas’.


“Enchanting tales, straight from the heart of the mountains. Vivid storytelling and striking themes make it a delightful read.”- Ruskin Bond.

“Tales from the Himalayas has this unique and special storytelling quality that can transport you and your imagination into another world, where the wanderer’s heart and soul truly reside. It is at once, an entertaining, heart-warming and delightful read for both, adults and children alike. Themes of family, belonging, loss, wonder and nature dominate the pages.It is the perfect escape from the mundaneness of city life and the urban burden. Even the re-read of the same story is as pleasurable as the first read.” – Freida Pinto, actor.

“Must read. Delightful, entertaining and varied collection of stories for children.
I’m so glad I came across this delightful book of short stories for children. Although the stories are based in Uttarakhand (India), they have a universal appeal that children will relate to. Some stories have a moral, some are full of action and adventure, some even feature ghosts! The language is simple, and the storytelling is clear and engaging. The wide variety of stories in this collection ensures that every child will find something he/she likes. Many of the stories have surprising twists that I didn’t see coming. My favorite stories were The Snow Leopard (a wizened grandma narrating a story of her childhood), Postcard (about the relationship between a grandfather and grandson) and The Villain (about colorism and feeling confident in one’s skin).

The characters, places, and settings are described in exquisite detail so that readers can form a vivid picture in their minds. The majestic hills, the cold climate, and the natural beauty of the Himalayas come alive in these stories. I was transported back to my childhood while reading them. I would highly recommend this collection of short stories for children to learn about life and culture in Uttarakhand and for adults to remember a simpler childhood that is now lost in the melee of digital devices and social media.” Reedsy Reviews

“Well-written, varied tales that draw on universal motifs and offer an appealing setting. The adventures of kids living in the Himalayan mountain region are recounted in this debut collection of short stories for children. These 17 tales are set in the Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand among the Himalayas. In several stories, kids develop character through learning confidence and facing fears. Pradhan—a journalist—cleverly weaves Uttarakhand culture and traditions into these entertaining stories.” – Kirkus Reviews